Stagelab has taken photobooths to the next level.

First off lets clarify:

We've ditched the photo stills and replaced it with a High Definition Video camera that records at SUPER SLOW MOTION, throw in some party guests and give them some props and heck maybe even a few confetti canons, add some music and VOILA!!!

WE have the creation of an EPIC SLOW MOTION MUSIC VIDEO starring YOU and all your loved ones that you can share online

STAGE LAB comes to your event with the full set up: camera, lighting, backdrop, props and your own personal coach leading your guests on some totally hilarious and creative things they can do in front of the camera.

After we have all the footage we need its brought back to our lab, color corrected, and edited to a song of your choice, and transformed into an amazing Slow Motion Video.

Popular Slow Motion Photo Booth Prop Options Include:

Backdrop (black or white)


Glitter (different sizes, colors, and shapes) Don’t worry, we bring a covering for the floor for easy cleanup!

Pull string poppers



Fan (located just out of frame to blow hair up)

Don’t forget the classics! We have lots of great photo booth props like mustaches on sticks, cool hats, glasses, etc 


If your looking to have a themed video with props let us know!